Sunday, January 13, 2013

Make Android App with No Coding or Programming

There is a huge rush om internet marketing today, specially on using the apps market as a means of earning cash for yourselves or making money building apps for business clients.

Many individual today wants to develop apps but the problem is they don't have the time to learn or simply they are irritated on writing codes, and doesn't want to lose hairs just thinking about it. Today there are specially made online programs that does help you create an app for your business, your career or business clients.

But here is a recommendation for you, this program will help you build and make money at the same time, I highly recommend you check it out and see for yourself.

Android App Development Course Training Reference List

Since the rise of Android App Market and it's continuous growth and development upto now. The need for reference and training materials to the development of these apps are on clear demand. Here are some products that will help you learn to code your Android Apps and Publish them on the Android Market or now, Google Play. 1. Professional Android 4 Application Development (Wrox Professional Guides)

2. Beginning Android 4 Application Development by Weiming Lee

3. Programming Android: Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices by: Zigurd Mednieks

4.Pro Android 4 (Professional Apress) [Paperback]by: Satya Komatineni

5.Beginning Android 4 Games Development (Beginning Apress)by: Robert Green

6. Beginning Android 4 (Beginning Apress)by: Grant Allen

7. Practical Android 4 Games Development by: J. F. DiMarzio

Android Developer Fees Vs Apple IOS Developer Fees

The Android App Market or Google Play today has now leading the market on Mobile Apps against Apple App, and I think know why.

If I'm going to compare the developer's fee of the two mobile app giants, The fee for Android Developer is only $25.00, compared to Apple IOS developer fee of $99.00. And believe me if apple tends to get that price much higher then we have a very clear choice of winner who will lead not only the app market but the number of apps created. As you can see the more choice of games and apps the better and wide the audience is.